The European Predictors of Outcome from Ventilation Study
project phases

Assisted ventilation for acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a multi centre European study to establish predictors of survival and outcome to three months and to develop a website to disseminate this information to interested clinicians.


Chief Investigator

Dr. Stanley DW Miller

Research Team (Leeds)

Dr. Stanley DW Miller
Mr. Craig Armstrong
Dr. Mark W Elliott

UK Collaborators

Dr. William Kinnear (Nottingham)
Dr. Craig Davidson (London)

Steering Committee and EU Country Co-ordinators

Dr. Mark W Elliott (UK)
Dr. Stefano Nava (Italy)
Prof. Bernd Schönhofer (Germany)
Prof. Laurent Brochard (France)
Prof. Antoni Torres (Spain)

This is a pan European study supported by the European Respiratory Society.